February 26-March 2, 2021
Preview February 24-February 25           


Lohmann Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in COLLECT 2021. We are delighted to present a collection of exceptional contemporary ceramic and glass works of art by the award winning designers Erna Aaltonen, Sandra Davolio, Fenella Elms, Corinna Petra Friedrich, Sidsel Hanum, Sangwoo Kim, Ahryun Lee, Barbara Nanning, Jongjin Park and Elke Sada. 

Highlights at COLLECT include remarkable new porcelain works by the celebrated Italian-Danish artist Sandra Davolio. Sandra has developed a unique style over a course of several decades that is unparalleled. Her work conveys a deep connection to nature, and in particular to that of the sea. 
In addition, we are proud to present superb new ceramic works by Elke Sada. Elke’s sculptural vessels are a fascinating combination of wonderfully designed bold forms and the striking play of seemingly exploding colors. 

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