December 6-December 10, 2023

Meridian Ave & 19th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

J. Lohmann Gallery presents Vases: Sandra Davolio, Toni De Jesus, Jongjin Park

Each of these designers builds unique artworks that defy and subvert the functional form of a vase and the precious medium of porcelain. The three artists’ unique approaches to the classic vessel are grounded in beauty, wonder, and whimsy. Sandra Davolio’s sophisticated designs, Toni De Jesus’ floral vases, and Jongjin Park’s innovative artistic methods have completely reshaped how the signature porcelain vase is conceptualized.

Park’s porcelain pieces are originally created from the common kitchen staple, paper towels, painted with liquid porcelain, and after being fired the work is entirely made up of the remaining pristine porcelain.

Davolio’s textured “corals” are created from lamellas of clay to achieve timeless and elegant winding surfaces.

Toni’s “He loves me… he loves me not” collection of vases delves deeply into the significance of specific flowers and their personal relevance to Toni. It explores the relationships he has with particular people through these flowers and the simple meanings these might represent. Orchids, Daffodils, and Ox-eye Daisies (the inspiration for the collection’s title, “Bem-me-quer… malmequer”) are among the flowers Toni explores, scrutinizing their meanings and representations through the intriguing practice of floriography.

The medium of porcelain, its beauty and difficulty, speaks to the artists’ groundbreaking methods of finding the tension between organic and inorganic representations of their renowned vases.  The collection offers viewers a chance to explore a colorful metamorphosis for an ulterior domestic landscape. The vases and vessels of this remarkable new collection are vehicles of modernity, demonstrating all the ways that the ordinary can be reimagined and elevated into the extraordinary.

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