April 19-24, 2018

Oslo and Bergen, Norway

J. Lohmann Gallery is pleased to participate in the International Visitor program of Norwegian Crafts in collaboration with the art festivals Bergen-Open and Oslo Open.

 Norwegian Crafts is a collaborating partner of B-Open and Oslo Open, two open-studio art festivals located on either side of Norway. Norwegian Crafts’ aim is to bring a select group of international experts to Norway on a craft focused visitor program during the art festivals, in order to introduce them to many of Norway’s most interesting contemporary craft artists.

More than 400 artists take part in the festivals by opening up their studios to invited gallerists, curators and museum leaders. In addition to the open studios, many of Bergen and Oslo’s galleries, artist run collectives and organizations get involved by putting on unique cultural events and tying them to the festivals’ satellite programs.

Norwegian Crafts aims to strengthen the Norwegian contemporary crafts field internationally. By working with several initiatives, such as exhibitions, seminars, support schemes and visiting programs, we help ensure that Norwegian material-based artists have the best prerequisites for international success

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