November 10-13, 2017. Booth A 20
Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, NY 10065

J. Lohmann Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in The Salon Art + Design, 2017. We are delighted to present a collection of exceptional contemporary ceramic, glass and bronze works of art by the award winning designers Erna Aaltonen, Heike Brachlow, Sandra Davolio, Sidsel Hanum, Turi Heisselberg Pedersen, Sangwoo Kim, Barbara Nanning, Merete Rasmussen and Bae Sejin.

Highlights at The Salon include remarkable new ceramic works by the emerging South Korean designers Bae Sejin and Sangwoo Kim. This is the first time that Sangwoo’s stunning sculptural vessels will be exhibited in New York. In addition, we are proud to debut superb works on paper by Bae Sejin.

J. Lohmann Gallery will also present extraordinary new glass sculptures by the celebrated German British artist Heike Brachlow. Heike’s new body of work reflects her attraction to movement and transformation, both in color and design. Brachlow’s recent designs are based on a concept called “D-form”, a three-dimensional form created by joining the edges of two flat shapes with the same perimeter length. The results differ wildly depending on at which point the shapes are joined. The designs, when transformed into glass solids evoke movements in a steadfast object and display many characteristics of transparent color. The variations in hue depend on the forms as well as changes in different types of illumination depending on the composition of the glass.

We look forward to seeing you at The Salon Art + Design.

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