February 25-February 27, 2022
Preview February 23-February 24




J. Lohmann Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in COLLECT 2022. We are delighted to present a collection of exceptional contemporary ceramic and glass works by the award-winning artists Sandra Davolio, Fenella Elms, Corinna Petra Friedrich, Turi Heisselberg Pedersen, Sangwoo Kim, Ahryun Lee, Barbara Nanning, Jongjin Park, Elke Sada, Bae Sejin, and Lone Skov Madsen.


Highlights at COLLECT include remarkable new ceramic vases by the emerging Leipzig based artist Corinna Petra Friedrich. Corinna creates her inspiring works of art in a reverse technique, first developing the decor, then the form. She prepares the clay by forming slabs, and subsequently applies with screen printing techniques the decor to the surfaces of the slabs, retaining the option of using engobe and monotype. The ceramic slabs she has prepared in this ingenious method are the raw material for her unique vessels.

The patchwork of cut-out clay elements with their lively and experimental combination of graphic patterns and colors are assembled to build surprisingly playful vessels and vases.


In addition, we are proud to present superb new glass sculptures by the celebrated Dutch glass artist Barbara Nanning. Nanning’s mesmerizing vessels unite tradition with innovation and are a fusion of carefully chosen unconventionally combined elements.

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