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Shannon Clegg creates wonderfully textured floral vessels. The artist is inspired by wildflowers and her South African heritage, in its resourcefulness and culture as well as its environmental diversity.

Shannon notes “in aesthetic terms, it’s the unembellished, honest form and finish of objects; and the innovative repurposing of found material, breathing new life into that which was once discarded, overlooked or perceived to have a single function. I find this ethos very much inspires and translates to my own work”. Clegg continues “There is a concept called biophilic design which explains how certain materials can be used to give an ‘indirect’ experience of nature, which can help boost one’s mood and mental health. I am fascinated by this idea, and how I can build the same sort of connection in my work”.

The Bouquet Vessels, 3D flower pressings, draw on Shannon’s love for mould-making. The background research put the artist inside Kew Gardens’ enchanting Herbarium in London where she met with plant collectors, exploring their pressed flower archives from around the world and their flower presses. These interactions always inspired Shannon. “I got to hang out with flowers most of the time!” Through studies in millinery and slip-casting moulds Clegg developed a unique hand moulding technique. She makes the moulds herself and then hand presses each flower vase using real flowers. Once the flowers are in the moulds it takes at least 4 weeks to press. It is fascinating how the pressed wild flowers cold their form.

Shannon Clegg lives and works in London. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards.

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