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The inspiration for Bae Sejin’s intriguing ceramic designs is the play Waiting for Godot by the Irish avant-garde novelist Samuel Beckett. Sejin describes his vision as following:
“The lapse of time involves duration, repetition, transformation and circulation. Working with clay as a natural material is unifying the time of nature and human existence. Samuel Beckett revealed the passage of time in nature in his play Waiting for Godot, in which the two main characters are repeatedly waiting for Godot who never arrives. Beckett’s play becomes the motivation for my work”.

The elegant artistic expression of Bae’s work derives from its inventive process of handbuilding his sculptures from hundreds of small ceramic elements, each of them numbered by the designer to document the lapse of time.

Bae Sejin was born in South Korea in 1981 and currently lives and works in Seoul. He trained at the National University of Seoul and is the recipient of several prestigious awards. In 2017 he was a LOEWE Craft prize finalist.

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