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Jongjin Park was born in South Korea in 1982 and lives and works in Seoul. He holds an MA in Ceramics from Cardiff University in the UK and is the recipient of several prestigious awards.

The artist harmoniously combines materials that are seemingly at odds with one another to create his sublime vases and sculptural vessels. He paints porcelain slips onto single sheets of everyday paper towels. Jongjin then layers up to 1000 individual sheets of paper to form spectacular millefeuille vessels with amazingly colorful and surprising textures. The innovative technique was developed by Park based on his experience with the centuries-old Moonjar craft, a process that evolved during the Imperial Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897).

Jongjin’s work received great acclaim at Design Miami 2018 where J. Lohmann Gallery introduced his work in the United States. His work has been most recently exhibited at the Salon Art + Design in November 2023 and Design Miami in December 2023.

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