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Through her work Lauren Nauman explores the boundaries within clay through experimental processes. With her current project “Lines” the designer starts with the traditional method of plaster moulds and slip-casting. An additive method is used to create remarkable forms with minimal amounts of clay.

This new body of work is an engaging display of how clay moves in the kiln. The suggestions of vessels start out as straight cages of wet porcelain and through the power of the kilns heat and the pyroplasticity of the clay, they move like fabric to evolve into a wire-like sculpture that still holds the materiality of porcelain. Due to this process, the final form of each piece stems from minute details in the making and the amount of clay that is used.

Nauman was born in New Hampshire in 1990 and currently lives and works on London. She holds an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art, London and a BA in Studio Art and Art Education from Emmanuel College, Boston.

In 2017 Lauren received the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize and was the Ceramic Art London’s Newcomer Winner.

She has exhibited with J. Lohmann Gallery at Collective Design in 2018 and unique sculptural vessels will be introduced at The Salon Art + Design in November 2018.

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