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Olivia Walker works in porcelain to create pieces that explore the symbiotic relationship between growth and decay, and nature and man-made. All of her works start by being thrown on the wheel, before being built upon with thousands of individually-applied fragments of porcelain. Many of her vessels are thrown and altered – they are cut away and reassembled in the leather-hard stage which allows her to deconstruct the form of the bowl and then build up a surface on this new form. Olivia starts from a set point on a bowl, and lets these organic accretions spread out and grow – ‘eating through”, or growing over the form beneath. They make reference to organisms such as coral and fungus, but remain abstract.

Olivia Walker was born in 1985 and lives and works in London. Her work was featured in numerous publications including Emerging Potters Magazine, Clay Craft Magazine and as ‘One to Watch’ in Ceramic Review Magazine.

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