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Sara Dario’s practice is grounded in her fascination with unconventional methods of photography and in printing techniques. Between experimenting with silkscreen printing on diverse materials, photoengraving, and photoseriography, these shifts in visual representation are deeply instructive to her manipulation of what one may expect visually from a sculpture or photograph.

Dario discovered early on in her career that ceramic is the most efficient medium for the technical methods of printing like seriography and silkscreen that she specialized in. She particularly favors porcelain for its delicacy and transparency.

“Thanks to this technique, I can cut, deconstruct, reconstruct, and model my images to create my photo-sculptures and installations. In my creative process, the photography is as integral to my art as the ceramic form. The pieces are all linked by the concept of movement, inspired by the wind when it blows through the shivering trees or rippling meadows.”

Sara’s artistry and her aesthetic research manifests a melding of sculpture and photography, praised internationally for its quality. In 2019, she won the thirteenth edition of the Golden Award at the International Biennial of Ceramic Art of Aveiro, as well as the Silver Award at the Blanc de Chine-International Ceramic Art Awards. In 2018, she won the Silver Award at the International Biennale Martinsons in Latvia.

Sara Dario was born in Venice, Italy in 1976 and lives and works at her atelier in Cardoso di Stazzema. She trained as an artist at the Venice Art high school and later studied sculpture at, and graduated from, the Carrara Art Academy in 2002.

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