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Sidsel Hanum was born in Norway in 1955. After her Ceramic  Diploma from the National College of  Art and Design, Oslo in 1981, she has lived and worked on an island in the south of Norway.

Hanum gathers her inspiration from nature’s forms and in particular from the Norwegian coastline and seasonal natural variations as well as the shifting tides.

Her technique explores the potential and limitations of clay. Simultaneously Hanum experiences an intimacy with nature’s continuous evolution utilizing its systematic and exacting methods.

While building her work layer upon layer, Hanum’s sculptural vessels are built on the basic ideas that takes its shape in the same patterns as nature.

The tidewater’s amazing diversity of shells, corals, sea anemones and starfich are inprinted in Sidsel’s work.  As the artist notes ” I feel that the rise and fall of the tidewaters of the world’s oceans unites the world to one. That is how I like to view the same earth. My reality on an island on the Norwegian coast includes and concerns a large and common universe”.

Sidsel Hanum’s work is represented in all important museums in Norway.

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