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Toni De Jesus was born in England in 1995. He was educated at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom and is based in Cardiff.

Toni De Jesus’s practice is a reflection of his intimate exploration of his emotional and artistic journeys grounded in an investigation into material, curation, and execution, evidenced by his latest collection, “he loves me…he loves me not”. Through floriography in this collection, Toni scrutinizes these flowers’ universal meanings in connection with the personal relationships in his life. His sculptures infuse a visual sense of whimsy and playfulness with the material and emerging shape of the vessels while the stories that inspire his works explore serious topics of his dual cultural identity. De Jesus looks to the past at great British ceramicists for inspiration and to inform and shape the future of the medium’s artistic possibility. He strives to constantly experiment in his practice and evolve his work both visually and writing-wise to weave connections across our shared humanity.

“Lately, I’ve connected [storytelling’s role] not just with the work but also with my own place in the world. In essence, it reflects my personal awareness of straddling two cultures—born in England to Portuguese parents, yet not feeling entirely part of either. This autobiographical awareness deeply influences my creative practice, fueling a profound interest in exploring duality and juxtaposition within my work.” – Toni De Jesus

Toni De Jesus is the recipient of numerous awards, and his work is collected and exhibited across several collections in Europe and the US. Most recently, a collection of unique vases was featured by J. Lohmann Gallery at Design Miami in 2023.

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