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László Lukacsi was born in 1961 in Hungary and lives and works in Budapest. In 1985 he graduated from the Budapest Academy of Applied Arts. László is the recipient of several prestigious international awards including the 2014 Lifetime award from the Hungarian Art Academy, the Kanazawa Gold-Prize, and the Coburg Glass-Prize.

Ever since László was a child nature has been his most inspirational source. László’s work is influenced by the shapes and colors leaves, flowers, pebbles, snails, wood grains, and the movements of water. As the artist notes “the harmony of nature includes millions of perfect shapes and details. I will never grow tired of discovering nature because the possibilities are endless”.

László creates his sculptures by combining colored glass plates and mirrors. The mesmerizing surfaces of his organic and geometric sculptures are grinded and polished.

Lukácsi’s work is represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Cotemporary Glass, Coburg, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Tutsek Foundation, Munich, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Glassmuseum Frauenau, and the   Collection of the Michigan Life Insurance Company.

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