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Tim Rawlinsons fascination with the way light passes through glass informs his work. He exploits transparency, as its essential and primary quality, manipulating and distorting both color and form in order to challenge his viewers perceptions. 

Light excites glass. It transfers an energy which is absorbed by the material and projected out onto its surroundings. This transforms their environment, to create an architecture of light. Light occupies the space, and the viewer is challenged to have an awareness and observation of that experience. The direct engagement with the work can make you contemplate the nature of light itself.  

Through casting blown glass components, Tim aims to capture the quality of when ink falls into water and the color spreads and flows on the liquid. This can be achieved when the glass is molten, but the flow is suspended as the glass cools. This achieves static movement, a moment frozen in time. Ultimately the interior becomes a painting, a composition in layers of light and refraction. 

One of humanity’s tendencies is to attempt to give order and form where there is none. For instance how randomly arranged stars are organized into constellations, or how we perceive shapes in the constantly shifting cloud formations. This desire to give form to chaos is an expression of our imagination. Tim’s work invites the viewer to look beyond what is apparent and to search for the unknown. 

Tim Rawlinson was born in 1985 and lives and works in London.  

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