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Lis Costa was born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1961. She graduated in Architecture from UCG (Catholic University of Goiás) in Brazil. In 1991, Lis moved to Bologna, Italy, where she currently works and lives, to pursue art. She was involved in cultural associations that allowed her to work creatively and to show her first works.

Lis Costa’s time as an architect resounds through her current artistic endeavors with her deft hand and keen eye for minute detail inherent to all of her works on paper. Her engineering sensibilities flourish with her elegantly minimalistic yet playful organic forms. She began carving paper to recreate observed recurring organic and abstract shapes and patterns. Costa’s subjects and composition evoke Eastern influences from mandalas to tenderly rendered scenery found in traditional Chinese scroll painting. Her works experiment with paper cutting techniques that play with light and shade, evoking a delicate and dynamic sense of movement that shifts with lighting choice and are reminiscent of the very inspiration she finds in nature. With each new look at one of Costa’s works, the observer uncovers a new detail to marvel at.

Costa’s work has been exhibited across several fairs and collections in Europe and the US. Most recently, new examples of her wall works were featured by J. Lohmann Gallery at the Salon Art + Design Fair in New York in 2023.


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